Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hal & Mirja Ronning

Hal and Mirja Ronning, from the Home for Bible Translators in Jerusalem, Israel, will be with us at Redeemer this coming weekend.

Here's from their website:

"The Home for Bible Translators and Scholars in Jerusalem, Inc. (HBT) is a nonprofit ministry supporting translators and scholars from around the world to deepen their knowledge of the original Hebrew language and the context of the Old Testament Bible while studying in Israel. The main service offered by HBT is a six-month study program in partnership with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem that is specifically designed for Bible translators and consultants. The Hebrew University is fully accredited with about 25,000 students. Since 1995, the Home for Bible Translators has helped train 82 Bible translators, consultants, scholars, and Bible students from 29 countries representing 57 language translation projects. Through God’s strength, HBT-trained translators and their teams will make it possible for over 68 million people to read the Old Testament in their own language."

Our weekend schedule:

Saturday night, 7 PM - worship + Hal & Mirja teaching on The Culture of Israel and Understanding the Bible.

Sunday morning, 10:30 AM - "Psalm 23 from the Perspective of the Desert" - Hal

Sunday evening, 7 PM - worship + Hal & Mirja teaching on Jewish Understanding of the New Testament.

I am thrilled that Hal & Mirja will be with us. They are both great scholars and passionate Jesus-followers. It promises to be a very rich experience this weekend at Redeemer!