Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bangkok Cattle Women

It's Tuesday in Bangkok. I have been writing a Bangkok journal which may be published in our local newspaper. For that reason I'm not coyping it here, but eventually I'll have it here.

Joe LaRoy and I just met with Annie Dieselberg of NightLight - what a wonderful, intructive meeting that was for me. I gave her the Siddharth Kara book on sex trafficking - she's looked at it and finds it good, except for a few things re. the industry in Thailand that he is inaccurate about because he's not indigenous.

Annie told us a number of stories. Stories are important. Everyone has one. Stories communicate differently, and more, than do theories. Because experience, not theory, breeds conviction. Here's a story. One girl NightLight pulled out of sex trafficking decided to leave the life of growing freedom in Jesus and return to prostitution. She went to Singapore to do this. When she got there Annie said she did not pass "Q.C." I asked, "What's "Q.C.?" "Quality control." Annie said this girls was ready to be with 15 men a night. But she didn't measure up physically and was sent back to Bangkok. (This same woman sold her baby a few years ago. NightLight worked to rescue and adopt the baby.)

In the Kierkegaardian "crowd," in the Nietzschean "herd," women are cattle for the pleasure of men. They are weighed, measured, quantified, marketed, used, spit out, and left for nothing..., like the prostitute I saw this early morning in Bangkok in the photo I took above.