Monday, February 01, 2010

Still In La Jolla

Linda and I are still in La Jolla. Yesterday...
  • I preached at La Jolla Christian Fellowship on the Real Jesus, and the secret of his authoritative words and powerful acts, which is rooted in his "in the Father" relationship. There was a great response of people who wanted to strengthen their abiding-relationship with Christ. I think the entire church came forward for prayer, and to receive more of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
  • Linda and I enjoyed sharing lunch at the church with many of their people.
  • Then Linda and I drove south along the Pacific coastline, with the convertible top of our rental-Mustang down, the sun brightly shining, people all over the place walking, skateboarding, surfing, sunning...
  • We drove back to the cove in La Jolla and looked at about twenty seals sunning on the rocks.
  • We ate fish tacos at a place that we were taken to last year by a surfing friend of ours. Yum!
  • I played guitar and Linda played piano as we backed up Hannah Ford as she led worship at last night's evening surface.
  • Went last evening to a coffee shop/restaurant called The Living Room. Chris Bajkiewicz drove up to join us from Chula Vista.
  • Today I'm with our HSRM Exec Committee in meetings all day.
  • We fly back to Monroe tomorrow evening. Is it 65 degrees there like it is here?

(The view from our room!)