Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saugatuck, Oval Beach, & Transgressions #2 & #3

Linda and I - our 37th anniversary!
Today Linda and I went to Douglas, Michigan, and walked around. A very artsy little town. Bought a couple of gifts for people.

Then we went to Saugatuck. We bought two kinds of imported balsamic vinegars - white peach and raspberry - at The Olive Mill.. You can taste all the vinegars and varieties of olive oils - yum! Walked and browsed the stores of Saugatuck. They were having their annual "Taste of Saugatuck," so two billion people were there. We had fish tacos for lunch. I transgressed for the second time in three days and had a piece of homemade blueberry pie.

After Saugatuck we went to nearby Oval Beach and sat on the Lake Michigan shore. The waves were big so I got to body surf - fun! I finished Greg Boyd's Present Perfect. A beautiful, challenging, hope-filled book about abiding in Christ!

Then back to our hotel to freshen up, and then to the killer Mexican restaurant (El Rodeo) in Benton Harbor. This might be our favorite Mexican restaurant in all the world (yes, I've eaten in Southern California...). It was there, tonight, at El Rodeo, that I transgressed for the third time. After the chicken chimichangas I (again) ordered their fried ice cream. I now confess this before the world.

Back home to Monroe tomorrow. Linda and I (a few pounds heavier) feel refreshed!