Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brian Courtney Wilson's Transcendent Worship Song

One of my Payne Theological Seminary students listed, as one of their three favorite worship songs, "Already Here," by Brian Courtney Wilson. I listen, therefore I am transported. It is... exquisite... a perfectly put-together song of praise to God...  A brilliant song that is taking me into God's presence as I'm now listening to it.

Worship songwriters take notice and learn. Watch what Brian does melodically, juxtaposing very cool, sweet chordal moments that are unexpected and just flat-out perfect. Lyrically it's simple, deep, different, and surprising. A glorious production. Great musicianship. Brian's voice reminds me a bit of Dug Pinnick (the Dug I knew when he was part of our fellowship in Joliet, Illinois). This is, I think, a one of a kind song. Creative, different, and making total sense, worship-wise.

Spend $.99 and journey to the spacious throne room of God...