Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Crafting of a Sermon - #8

Munson Park
Taken a few nights ago
I'm printing out the notes from #s 1-7.

I'll staple them together.

I'm heading across the street to Munson Park. I'm going to slow-read and ponder these notes.

I am NOT going to try to make something happen. Either God makes it happen, or it's not going to be much.

I'll just read...  the text... my commentary notes...  slowly as I walk.

When God speaks to me I'll write it down.

I'll be out walking for at least an hour and a half, maybe two.

I will come back with lots of new notes, from things God is making clear to me, direction he wants to give me. I'll have some new questions. During this time I get preached to. I do love doing this!