Thursday, August 12, 2010

Redeemer Ministry School - Only One Month Away!

I am getting very excited about the beginning of our third year of Redeemer Ministry School.

Here are a few notes for incoming & prospective students.

  1. If you are living in the RMS house you may move in anytime beginning Sept. 1.
  2. Sept. 12 - Sunday morning - we want you to be at Redeemer as we present RMS students to our church family. 10:30 AM.
  3. Sept 12 - 5 PM - All RMS students + parents, RMS alumni, & RMS faculty and staff are invited to a picnic at my house. NOTE: RMS alumni, faculty, and staff - please bring a dish to pass - salad, chips, dessert, summer good stuff. We'll provide the burgers and hot dogs. This is just a time to get to know one another and hang out together.
  4. Monday, Sept. 13 - Thursday, Sept. 16 - we'll spend time hearing about community from Jim & Denise Hunter, have orientation, getting to know each other. My Spiritual Formation class will begin that Thursday morning from 9:30 - 1, and Jim Collins will teach Kingdom of God I that Thursday evening from 5-8 PM. We will also have worship at 9 AM.
  5. If you are an incoming student and have any questions please e-mail me ( or call (734-242-5277).
  6. If you are still praying about coming to RMS this fall please go to our website and check out the information.
Why not come to Redeemer Ministry School this fall? You will learn tons of foundational things about Jesus, his Kingdom, his power, his proclamation, the worship of him, and how to be an influential leader for Christ.