Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suffering In La Jolla

Linda and I are in La Jolla. We arrived at 11 AM yesterday - rented a car - only $15/day from Enterprise - they asked "Want a convertible for just a few dollars more (a lot of their convertibles re not renting well in Jan here)?" Yes.

67 degrees, sunny, the ocean, we eat on the outdoor patio of a restaurant overlooking the Pacific, sea lions are barking - we see them in the ocean, for lunch Linda has a fresh-caught lobster, pelicans stream single file over our heads, we drive the convertible along the beautiful rocky and sandy seashore, we walk around artsy downtown La Jolla as I hold my Starbuck's, I stop in a bakery and get a coconut lemon bar, Linda browses in some clothing shops, someone is surfing...


(Linda's lobster!)

(The view from our restaurant table)

(Linda, looking on the Pacific Ocean)

(The backyard of Clay & Cheri Ford's home)