Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Marks of a Great Teacher

(Some RMS students with a few of their teachers.)

This morning, in my "Teaching and Preaching" class in RMS, I asked the class to think of a teacher they had that was excellent, and what made their teaching so effective. I thought their sharing was worth a post - so here it is, and thanks RMS students!


A good teacher...

• Knows how to get students to achieve

• Is confident in what they teach

• Loves what they teach

• Makes it easy for the student to understand

• Wants their students to do well

• Cares about their students

• Is patient with their students

• Never makes their students feel stupid

• Pulls things out of students that the students did not know were there

• Is very encouraging

• Stretches their students beyond their present knowledge and abilities

• Is loving and constructive

• Knows the material they are teaching

• Knows where students are and what they need to do to get better

• Is straightforward and truthful

• Is never degrading

• Has a sense of humor about their own self

• Allows their students to struggle

• Resources their students

• Imparts vision and passion

• Knows that they (the teacher) doesn’t know everything

• Is not afraid of questions and being challenged

Did my students miss anything?