Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redeemer Ministry School - 2010-2011

(Bolles harbor on Lake Erie, just a few minutes from RMS)

It's only January but I am already thinking about the people God is going to send to us at Redeemer Ministry School this coming fall.

RMS is unique from other ministry schools in the following ways:

  • Our's is a 9-month, compressed academic and experiential training environment (rather than two or three years)
  • The 9-month format is great if you want to get in-depth training but not spend years acquiring it
  • Because we're not as big as some of the more well-known ministry schools, we're able to give a lot of hands-on, relational attention
  • What you will get academically from us is comparable to seminary-level teachings (I know this, since I currently teach at two seminaries, one of them being a doctoral program - Palmer Theological Seminary)
  • Full tuition provides housing - if you choose this option you will live in community with other RMS students
  • Our instructors are passionate and, I think, phenomenal! [I know other ministry schools can say the same :)]
  • After 9 months with us you will have gained the following: 1) a deep knowledge of what real leadership is; 2) a deep understanding of Jesus' core message, which is about the Kingdom of God; 3) a deep cognitive and experiential understanding of the heart of real worship; 4) greater skills in handling and interpreting the Scriptures; 5) the confidence and ability to teach and preach; 6) a deeper understanding of true Jesus-community; 7) a cognitive and experiential understanding of the now-activity of God in power, signs, and wonders; 8) a group of friends that will last a lifetime; 9) an understanding of and ability to defend God's existence, the authority of the Scriptures, and the person of Jesus Christ against the current atheistic and skeptical challenges in our postmodern culture; and 10) even an introductory knowledge of the biblical Greek language!
Why not pray about joining us in the fall, or suggesting RMS to someone else who might be a perfect fit for what we are offering?


John Piippo, Ph.D