Monday, January 04, 2010

Prophecy Class at RMS Begins Tomorrow

Josh Bentley and I will begin teaching our new RMS class on "Prophecy" tomorrow (1/5/10) from 5-7 PM, at Redeemer.

This is a 10-week course.

Cost: $75 (covers books + the rest goes to support RMS).

RMS graduates can take this course for just the cost of books.

If you feel God wants you to takie this course and cannot afford the tuition please talk with either Josh or myself.

On why I am interested in the gift of prophecy go here.

Here's the syllabus so you can see what the class looks like.


Instructors– John Piippo and Josh Bentley

Tuesday 5-7pm 734-731-1709 734-693-1831

Course Description

This course will survey the role of prophecy in The Old and New Testaments, the biblical criteria and guidelines regarding prophecy, as well as surveying the purposes and function of prophecy in the present day. This course will combine study, teaching, dialogue, and practical application.


• To create a working definition of prophecy

• To be familiar with the function and purpose of prophecy

• To differentiate between Old Testament and New Testament prophecy

• To recognize the distinct characteristics of prophecy, words of wisdom, and words of knowledge

• To understand the role of a prophet in the church (Ephesians 4:11)

• To personally and corporately “grow in the prophetic” (application)


• Attend and participate in class sessions

• Participate in prophetic activity

• Complete all assigned reading

Teaching Method

• Class presentation of biblical texts pertaining to prophecy

• Surveying the practice of prophecy throughout church history

• In-class discussion

• Demonstration and application



• Mike Bickle, Growing In the Prophetic

• Wayne Grudem, The Gift of Prophecy In the New Testament and Today, chapters 1-3 (online at Google books)


  • Jack Deere, The Beginner's Guide to the Gift of Prophecy
  • Graham Cooke, Developing Your Prophetic Gifting
  • Graham Cooke, Approaching the Heart of Prophecy
  • Alec Motyer, Prophecy of Isaiah