Friday, April 16, 2010

Philip Yancey Talks About the World Trade Center (ca. 1995)

I'm reviewing some books prepping for my Sunday sermon on Jesus before Caiphas (Mark 14). The Temple leaders are powerful. Jesus stands alone before them. They are threatened by him. Philip Yancey, in The Jesus I Never Knew, writes: “Jesus represented a threat to the Law, the sacrificial system, the temple, kosher food regulations, and the many distinctions between clean and unclean.” (198)

Then Yancey gives a hypothetical situation to explain life from Caiphas' perspective:

"Jewish leaders had trouble getting witnesses to agree on the exact wording of Jesus' statement, but their alarm is understandable. Imagine the reaction today if an Arab ran through the streets of New York City shouting, 'The World Trade Center will blow up, and I can rebuild it in three days."

Yancey's book was published in 1995.