Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 19th Annual Wheaton Theology Conference | April 16-17, 2010

There is a feast of New Testament scholarship here, with video and audio presentations of the lectures and sermons at the recent Wheaton Theology Conference. The theme: "Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright."

The presenters + topics:

  • Richard Hays - Knowing Jesus: Story, History, and the Question of Truth 
  • Marianne Meye Thompson - The Gospel of John Meets Jesus and the Victory of God 
  • N.T. Wright - Chapel Message 
  • Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat - 'Outside of a Small Circle of Friends': Jesus and the Justice of God
  • Nicholas Perrin - Jesus' Eschatology and Kingdom Ethics: Ever the Twain Shall Meet
  • Wright, Hays, Walsh, Keesmaat, Thompson, and Perrin -  Panel Discussion
  • N.T. Wright - Jesus and the People of God: Whence and Whither Historical Jesus Studies and the Life of the Church 
  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer - Wrighting the Wrongs of the Reformation? The State of the Union with Christ in St. Paul and in Protestant Soteriology
  • Jeremy Begbie - The Shape of Things to Come? Wright Amidst Emerging Ecclesiologies
  • Markus Bockmuehl - Did St. Paul Go to Heaven When He Died?
  • Edith Humphrey - Glimpsing the Glory—Paul's Gospel, Righteousness and the Beautiful Feet of N.T. Wright
  • N.T. Wright - Paul and the People of God: Whence and Whither Pauline Studies and the Life of the Church