Monday, March 01, 2010

With Randy Clark in Wisconsin This Summer

I'm looking forward to being with Randy Clark June 28-July 1 in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

This event is hosted by Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (HSRM), a ministry I've been served with for many years. For me HSRM has what we've called a "distinctive deposit" of experience and wisdom that makes it unique among Spirit-renewal movements. Their conferences have consistently nurtured Linda and I spiritually over the years.

Our conference theme is "There Is More! Reclaiming the Power of Impartation." That's also the title of one of Randy's books. If you are joining us at Green Lake this summer I suggest you prep yourself by reading it. It's a beautiful blend of biblical and historical information and stories about the love and power of God and the evidential fruit produced by such love and power. There are so mmany things I appreciated about Randy's book. One of them is his emphasis on the "fruit."

Randy writes: "I want to focus us on Jonathan Edwards, who in my opinion is the greatest theologian of revival, impartations, and manifestations. He taught us that the truth of a movement, whether or not it was of God, would be known by its fruit and not by its manifestations or phenomena." (152) Randy has written this book to answer the question, "Where's the fruit?"

This truth alone, if received, would correct a lot of people who seek manifestations for thei own sake and not for the producing of lasting spiritual fruit in a person's or institution's life.

It's going to be wonderful, God-filled time together. If you want to join us the information is here.