Friday, July 02, 2010

Randy Clark Coming to Redeemer in 2011

Our Green Lake conference is over. What a wonderful week it has been for all of us!

Both Lee Spitzer and Randy Clark combine experieincing God and academic-biblical excellence, whic I greatly value. God has personally touched me deeply, and I'll be pondering these things in the weeks to come.

One unexpected blessing is this. Randy Clark approached Josh Bentley and myself and told us he had open dates in Jan. 2011, and would like to bring his 4-day School of Healing and Impartation to Redeemer in Monroe.  So Josh, Joe Atkinson, Joe LaRoy, Neil McLeod, and myself all have agreed to this. I am excited about this! I love Randy's style and humble way of presenting the great truths of God. The dates are (I believe!) Jan 12-15, 2011. Josh is working with Randy's Global Awakening people to facilitate this (thank you Josh - you do such an excellent job putting together these conferences!). This will be an opportunity for more of you to get in on the teaching and wisdom God imparts through Randy. (To see what Randy's School of Healing and Impartation looks like go here.)