Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(Another Day) With Randy Clark in Green Lake, Wisconsin

Yesterday (Monday) at Green Lake Lee Spitzer spoike at our morning session.

We had a special 1:30 session with Randy Clark - Holly, Linda, and I led worship. I love that Randy is simply who he is, and is not trying to be like anyone else. He's soft, gentle, very caring and pastoral, + he has a good mind and is a good scholar. He also was an American Baptist pastor for a decade, and shared that with us. He also shared that the spark that, for him, set off the moving of the Holy Spirit in his life began in a small American Baptist church in southern Illinois. Randy gave an altar call - the same kind he gave many years ago in that small Illinois Baptist church - and many came forward for impartation of the Spirit. This was cool for me since I just read, yesterday morning, Romans 1:11, where Paul writes: "I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong." So we see that Paul believed that spiritual gifts can be imparted through people, by the Spirit. If you want to read about the theology of impartation Randy's book There Is More is simpl;y excellent.

Last night Randy showed a video of miraculous healings at a service he was at in Brazil. We had a long, gentle and powerful time of healing prayer.

Randy will speak this morning and evening. We're all doing very well. God is moving here, as he is also moving among our Redeemer family in Monroe!