Monday, June 28, 2010

With Randy Clark in Green Lake, Wisconsin

Linda and I are with many Redeemer people andn hundreds of others from around the nation and world at Green Lake, Wisconsin, about to begin day 2 at our Holy Spirit Renewal Conference. Yesterday morning Ed Owens talked with us about wanting more of the Holy Spirit. Then Clay Ford gave his understnading of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I've traveled on speaking engagments with Clay before and have heard his excellent presenation many times. He does a great job talking about Spirit baptism and gifting!

Last evening Annie Dieselberg shared about NightLight Bangkok. Then Messianic Jew Lee Spitzer gave a bveautiful presentation of how he became a "completed Jew," who has even come to embrace all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Holly Benner is leading worship, along with me, Linda, Luke Jaskowiak, and Trevor Robinson. Josh bentley and a team of Redeemer young adults is leading the many youth who are at this conference.

This morning we hear Lee Spitzer teach once again. Then we're having a session from 1:30-3 with Randy Clark. Tonight at 6:30 Holly will again lead worship, and Randy will speak and minister to us. Our week has begun!.

The things God does in us this week will also bless our wonderful church family!