Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some of My Summer Reading

Here are some books I am reading this summer.

Spiritual Direction, by Henri Nouwen. I'm going through this book slowly. It's vintage Nouwen. Few people write better stuff on our core identity as loved and beloved children of God. This book is a slow-cooker, with much to meditate on and take in.

Present Perfect: Finding God in the Now, by Greg Boyd. On the need to rest, abide, and dwell in God's presence now, since "now" is the only thing that is real, the past and the future being unreal.

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light - The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta, by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk. Those familiar with the mystical idea of "dark knowledge" and "unknowing" will understand Teresa's journals and letters that relate to her life quest.

Rufus Jones: Essential Writings. Jones is the Quaker mystic who deeply influenced Howard Thurman. Jones was ahead of his time in his thoughts about the relationship (or lack thereof) between th physical brain and the mind or soul.

Jesus and the Disinherited, by Howard Thurman. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Martin Luther King, and the Real Jesus as the One who descends to the level of the oppressed peoples of the world.

HERE ARE SOME RECOMMENDATIONS for other books to read this summer.

Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster. God used this book to revolutionize my spiritual life.

Power Healing, by John Wimber. This remains the best book I have ever read on healing. For all interested in the question "Does God still heal today?"

The Shack, by William P. Young. A beautiful read on these long summer's nights about entering into the Trinitarian perichoretic union (abiding in Christ).

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, by Annie Dillard. No one writes more brilliantly than Dillard. This is one of my top-ten books ever read. A mystical reflection on the microcosmos.

Till We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis. I've read this book three times. I'm thinking I need to read it again!

The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom, by Henri Nouwen. Maybe my favorite Nouwen book of all time? (Which is saying a lot!)

The Importance of Being Foolish: How to Think Like Jesus, Brennan Manning.