Thursday, June 24, 2010

Danger Signs for the Not Yet Married

  1. A general uneasy feeling about the relationship.
  2. Frequent arguments.
  3. No arguments.
  4. Avoiding discussing sensitive subjects because you're afraid of hurting your partner's feelings or starting an argument.
  5. If you find yourself always doing what your partner wants you to do.
  6. If you detect serious emotional disturbances.
  7. If you feel you are staying in the relationship through fear.
  8. If your partner is constantly complaining about unreal aches or pains,a nd going from doctor to doctor.
  9. If your partner constantly makes excuses for not finding a job.
  10. If your partner talks like they are a victim.
  11. If your partner is overly suspicious, jealous, questions your work all the time, and feels that everyone is against him or her.
  12. If your partner is a perfectionist and is constantly critical.
  13. If your partner puts you down, and uses a lot of sarcasm.
  14. If your parents and other significant people are trongly against your marriage.
  15. If there is a lack of spiritual harmony.
  16. If you have few areas of common interest.
  17. The inability to accept constructive criticism.
  18. Your partner cannot live without you and would consider taking their life should you break up with them.