Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The DROID X Is Not God

(The Motorola DROID X, with its all-seeing, all-knowing HAL-like "eye." See the real HAL 9000 below.)

I've got a simple cell phone. I don't text people or receive texts. I use AT&T.

I get e-mails from Verizon, asking me to switch to them. I sometimes check them out, in case I find a cheaper phone package then what I now have. And, BTW, I do not want to spend time researching these things, so no suggestions please!

Anyway, I linked to the Verizon ad that came to me today. One of their phones is a "Motorola DROID X." You have probaly heard of this, and maybe even have one. I've never heard of it before and definitely do not have one.

What interested me is the description of the DROID X. Here it is.

"Motorola DROID X

With a screen that turns your eyes into captivated apertures of ecstasy. Web-busting speed that transforms your arms into blistering, churning pistons. And intuition that manifests itself as your sixth sense. There's no end to what your device can do, it's the next generation of does."

  1. Eyes... turned into "captivated apertures of ecstasy?" ("Glory?")
  2. Arms... transformed "into blistering, churning pistons?" ("Power?")
  3. Intuition... "that manifests itself as your sixth sense?" ("Wisdom and All-knowingness?")
  4. "There's no end to what your device can do?" ("Omni-attributes?")

If all these are true, then the DROID X is God. I've decided not to get it.

(HAL's eye, in "2001: A Space Odyssey")