Monday, July 12, 2010

Pre-Marital Workshop at Redeemer

Robin Head is a senior at Spring Arbor University. Robin is doing her senior project, which will be a premarital seminar that will take place at Redeemer.

The details, from Robin, are below.


When Where and Time:
Sunday evenings, August 8th–September 5th
Redeemer Fellowship Church, Monroe MI

For information contact:
Robin Head
Home: 734 568 0400
Cell: 567 694 3350
Feel free to call anytime, if I do not answer please leave a message.

Who am I:
My name is Robin Head and I am a senior at Spring Arbor University. I am finishing my degree in family life education. My goal is to teach families how to work together to increase longevity of the family unit and bring peace to what can sometimes be volatile situations. I am writing a pre-marital workshop as part of my senior project. My initial goals are to implement the program and get through the class, but my long term goals include turning this into a mission to reach Christian couples and equip them with communication skills. I am previously divorced and can speak to the need for effective communication in a relationship. My life experiences have prepared me to reach a wide variety of people. The old adage states that “hind sight is 20/20.” Although that is true, I believe couples can be taught certain basic skills and alternative ways of handling conflict, which can help increase marital satisfaction and allow for the family to be a more positive institution.

The Goal for this Program:
The goal of this program is to help facilitate more effective communication, as well as to provide alternatives to conflict resolution. This will result in increased relational satisfaction for engaged couples that can be maintained throughout their marriages.

Topics of Discussion:
Week 1:
Do Men and Women even speak the same language?
This session will cover what men and women expect from conversation and how to better understand their needs. It will also provide interactive activities for the couples to participate in to solidify teachings.

Week 2:
What Love Language do you Speak?
This session is based on Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages book. It will build on the necessity for communication within the relationship. During this session couples will take the “test” to see what their love language is, as well as what their partner’s love language is. They will be given tips on how to speak the other’s love language and given homework to demonstrate the effectiveness thereof.

Week 3:
Fair Fighting!
During this week, couples will learn that conflict within a relationship is a not a sign of failure but rather a way in which to learn about their partner. They will be given a variety of situations and an assortment of responses or techniques to resolve the conflict.

Week 4:
We will look at the importance of emotional as well as physical intimacy in a relationship. Discussing the meaning of intimacy on a multi-level platform will help participants discover the importance of true intimacy within their relationship.

Week 5:
Child Rearing
The final week will be an optional week for those who intend to have children or for those who may already have children. This week will be used to discuss the importance of understanding the stress children can have on a marriage, varying child-rearing techniques and the importance of couples communicating about disciplining of children and agreeing on methods of implementation.