Monday, July 19, 2010

Redeemer Ministry School - Be a Part of Two Very Special Events

We're now taking applications for our 2010-2011 Redeemer Ministry School class.

RMS begins the week of September 12.

Class schedules will be posted this week.

This year's RMS students will be serving and participating in two very special events that are coming to Redeemer.

Jan 12-15 - Randy Clark and his School of Healing and Impartation comes.

April 6-9 - Darren Wilson's "Furious Love Event," which we are hosting at Redeemer.

For application + RMS information go to:

Note: Topics covered in The School of Healing and Impartation 1: Revival Phenomena and Healing

Common phenomena that occur in revival (regarding healing and missionary expansion in the world)

Words of knowledge (including an activation clinic)

The 5 Step Prayer Model

"The Agony of Defeat" in the healing ministry

Healing ministry principles that shouldn't be turns into Laws

"Spend and Be Spent" (followed by a time of impartation)

Q & A with the panel of speakers

"Pressing In" (followed by a time of impartation)

"Acts of Obedience: Keys to Unleashing Healing and Miracles"

"Open Heaven: Experiencing all that Christ Purchased"

Four kinds of faith for healing

The healing power of the Lord's Supper

Randy will sometimes feel led to give one teaching on deliverance in this school

Topics covered in The School of Healing and Impartation 2: Healing, Deliverance, and Disbelief:

Words of knowledge and the "Five Step Prayer Model"

Healing and the glory of God

Healing and the Kingdom of God

Healing and intimacy with God

Why Cessationism is not Biblical

The Biblical basis for the doctrine of impartation

Is healing in the atonement?

How desperate are you for a healing anointing?

Additionally, there are five sessions on deliverance, and five session on physical healing