Sunday, May 02, 2010

This Crazy Month of May (and beyond...)

(Me, in Bangkok)

Linda and I have entered one of the busiest 3-month periods we've had in a long time. Here is the run-down.

- last Monday evening our son and daughter-in-law Dan and Allie returned to Michigan from their two years working in Japan. It's so good having them with us!
- I did the wedding of Heidi Benner and Matt Skeens this past weekend. A beautiful wedding and, for me, an honor to be a part of.
- My Philosophy of Religion final exams are this week. I give the students oral exams on the questions I lecture about. I really enjoy doing this, and find it the best way for me to evaluate students' knowledge about these deep philosophical issues.
- Our son Josh graduates with his Bachelor's degree from Siena Heights University this coming Sunday. We are so proud of Josh - he's done extremely well!
- On May 15 Linda and I will be part of the wedding of Paul Murphy and Sugeily Pinero-Soto. It's going to be a great wedding day for them!
- May 22 - Linda's student piano/vocal recital. I'm one of Linda's helpers.
- May 24-27 - I travel to Wisconsin to be one of the speakers at "Fanning the Flame," a conference for pastors and Christian leaders.
- May 26-30 - Chris Overstreet, Robby Dawkins, Chad Dedmon, and Anne Evans come to Redeemer for the Bethel School of Supernatual Evangelism. People will be coming from all over the states to attend this - plus, we even have a group coming from Korea and another one from Germany.
- June 2-5 - our worship leader, Holly Benner, records her live worship cd in our church's sanctuary. There will be at last two full nights of worship, as Holly does all her own songs (+, I think, one I have written, which she will record).
- June 20 - Jeff and Annie Dieselberg from NightLight Bangkok will be with us, both morning and evening.
- June 27-July 2 - Linda and I + Holly and our worship team, and Josh and Beth Bentley, will minister with Randy Clark in Green Lake, Wisconsin.
- In the last week in July I will teach at Payne Theological Seminary. PTS has asked me to help develop the spiritual formation component of their seminary. This is a great privilege for me. I'll be working with two great scholars - Leah Fitchue and Bill Augmon.
- August... Linda's birthday, our 37th anniversary, rest, peace, joy...