Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Reasons To Come To Redeemer Ministry School


1. Our focus on Jesus and the Kingdom of God. If you want to do intensive Jesus-studies and Jesus-research, our core focus on the Kingdom of God and the Real Jesus may be just what you are looking for.

2. Our focus is on growing deep. We’ll teach you how to abide more deeply in Christ, and show you how out of this deep abiding every Jesus-follower can do the things that he did.

3. We emphasize both the heart and the head. If you are the kind of Jesus-follower that wants both more experience of the Real Jesus and a strong biblical and theological foundation, then RMS may be the place for you.

4. The high level of personal attention. Our faculty will function as mentors, teaching and guiding you in their areas of expertise.

5. The level of excellence and experience our faculty brings. Our focus is on giving RMS students the very best of what God has given us.

6. You’ll make a lot of new Jesus-following friends. We value authenticity and transparency in relationships. You’ll see this in our faculty and staff as we pass it on to you.

7. The move of God in our midst. God is doing great things in our ministry context. Why not come and be part of what God is doing!

8. RMS is a 9-month intensive experience. If you can’t take 2-3 years away and are looking for a shorter ministry school program, then why not consider coming to RMS?

9. Your life will be forever changed! You will be a different person upon graduation than you were when you came: closer to God, more grounded in your faith, and equipped with more tools for life and ministry.

10. And finally - Be part of “Furious Love” 2011! April 6-10, 2011. The speakers from Darren Wilson’s new film “Furious Love” will gather at our place for 4 days of worship, preaching, ministry, and God-encounters. Already committed to come are: Heidi Baker, Angela Greenig, Will Hart, Mattheus van der Steen (Amsterdam), Shampa Rice, "Esther," Robby Dawkins, Philip Mantofa (Indonesia), and more.

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