Monday, May 09, 2011

"Ordinary" Christians as Agents of Healing: Candy Brown on Randy Clark & Global Awakening

I'm reading Candy Brown's essay "Global Wakenings: Divine Healing Networks and Global Community in North America, Brazil, Mozambique, and Beyond." (In Candy Gunther Brown, Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Healing) Candy documents her travels and research with Randy Clark and Heidi Baker. Randy was with us in January, and Heidi was with us a few weeks ago.

When Randy was here I connected him with Candy and we collaborated to have persons sign medical release forms to potentially verify healings. We did this at our conference with Randy. I hope he is still doing this, even though it will require a lot of administration. Candy writes, with Randy's Global Awakening, that "medical confirmation might be a plus, but it is viewed as inessential, even by team members who by profession belong to medical and scientific communities... Global Wakening does not bring diagnostic equipment or medical personnel to conferences, nor is there any systematic effort to track whether people continue to claim healings the next day, let alone the next year." (363)

Randy himself is open to this, and was thankful I was able to facilitate it. Follow-through will be crucial. I don't know if this is happening. Presumably Candy knows, since the signed documents are to be sent to her.

Candy mentions her Mozambique trip, where she was allowed to bring audiometric and visual acuity devices while traveling with Heidi Baker. Candy writes: "It must be noted that the post-prayer diagnostic tests did indicate significantly improved function for many, but not all, subjects who claimed healing." (364) For the full report see Candy's journal article in the September 2010 Southern Medical Journal.

Anyone interested in a deeper, more objective look at Randy and Global Awakening should read her "Global Wakenings."