Friday, May 13, 2011

Many Rivers to Cross

Now I think of Africa. I have been to Africa. I have been hosted there. I have taught in Africa. I have something, just a little bit, of Africa inside me.

I study, from afar, Africa. I have read and continue to read many books on Africa - on its religions, its politics, its culture, its socio-economic conditions. From afar I engage in African studies. I want to understand Africa.

God has called me to help a couple of Christian leaders in Africa. Just a few.

I listen to Africa. I am so wealthy I have an mp3 player and can purchase music for it. I have African songs on my mp3. I am now listening to Sudanese musician Emmanuel Jal. He is an excellent musician. He is passionate. His music, at times, breaks my heart.

I have been in Kenya. Kenya is south of Sudan. Many Sudanese have fled to Kenya. Sudan is in constant turmoil. Pray for the children of Sudan. Maybe even do something else for them.

Listen to Emmanuel Jal's "Many Rivers to Cross" and, while listening, watch this.