Monday, May 30, 2011

Friends Across the Generations

2 friends - Ashleigh Bentley & Holly Benner

At Redeemer, almost every Sunday morning, we have visitors who have driven some distance just to be with us. It happened yesterday.

A few weeks ago a woman who was with us at "Furious Love" came back for a visit. She said, "One thing I love about Redeemer is that I see ALL the generations worshiping here.

This is true. We have a lot of young people and a lot of old people and a lot of in-between people. I love this! It is how things should be in God's Kingdom. Our young people need old, on-fire Jesus-lovers to mentor them. Older Jesus-Movement-people need to see young J-followers serving in the body of Christ.

Let all the generations come together and praise God!