Monday, December 28, 2009

Living the Interrupted Life

(In Starbuck's... in what city?)

Years ago I would get frustrated when my life got interrupted. Then God told me the interruptions were my life. (Thank you Henri Nouwen)

I have some plans for today. Having a to - do list is good. Planning is good. God, also, has plans for today, and they include me and you. Therefore, be prepared to have your plans interrupted and rejoice.

Real followers of Jesus are interruptable. When God says "come," they "come." I remember once having plans to travel with our college student ministry for a Saturday at the dunes on Lake Michigan's shoreline. I love doing this kind of thing and was so looking forward to going with Linda and my two young sons! The morning came, and the boys were sick. They could not go. Linda could not go. But I felt frustrated because I wanted so much to go. I was willing to leave Linda with our sick boys and go and have fun at the beach. God spoke to me and cut through my selfish protesting. Of course I did know that college students were able to have a great day at the beach without me being there. "I" just felt interrupted, and was angry. (Note: "frustrated" is just another word for "angry.")

Real life is a series of interruptions. Many of these interruptions are your life, and to selfishly not go after them is to miss the calling and work of God, through you, to others, rather than to the advancement of your own little self. Marriage and family and ministry and friends and work require a flexibility of the spirit to go with the flow of what's happening rather than be always angry because things aren't going "according to plan." Whose plan? That's the basic question.