Monday, December 07, 2009

Kenneth Miller On the Limits of Science

"In the end you have no answer to why science works, why the physical logic of natural law makes life possible, or why the human mind is able to explore and understand nature. And I agree that there is no scientific answer to such questions. That is precisely the point of faith–to order and rationalize our encounters with the world around us. Faith is human, and therefore imperfect. But faith expresses, however poorly, a reality that includes the scientific experience in every sense, and therefore has become more relevant than ever in our scientific age."

- Kenneth Miller, in his debate with C Hitchens

So, science qua science has limits. Not everyone understands this. My previous experience in a church that was filled with scientists tells me that a lot of actual scientists do understand the limits of science. With this in mind we see that we cannot escape questions of value, about which science says nothing. Questions about meaning, truth, beauty, love, right, wrong, good, and evil. These are the domains of philosophy and religion.