Friday, August 05, 2011

Declaration vs. Persuasion

Near the end of Scot McKnight's presentation at the 2010 Q Conference he states: "50% of my college students are not Christians. I have learned from my teaching that the story of Jesus is a compelling story, and I have seen hundreds of my students become Christians beczuse I tell them the story of Jesus. I don't tell them "the plan of salvation," but the plan of salvation unfolds from the story of Jesus."

McKnight says he was sitting in his office not long ago when a "weight of glory" fell on him as he saw something in the New Testament he'd never really seen before. Each gospel writer (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) speak of the "gospel" of Jesus Christ. Not four gospels, but one gospel, told by each writer. The gospel, for each of them, was good news. What was good news? The story of Jesus, as the climax to the history of Israel.

The story, in itself, is the gospel. And it is intrinsically compelling and persuasive. Persuasive techniques are not therefore needed. Declaration is.