Saturday, August 20, 2011

Debating William Lane Craig

My friend Bill Craig (AKA William Lane Craig) is arguably the greatest current defender of the Christian faith. Many years ago, when I first became a Jesus-follower, Bill was one of my first pastoral mentors (along with John Peterson). I was a philosophy major at Northern Illinois University. Bill (and Stu Goetz, I believe) would meet with us and teach us apologetics (defending the Christian faith).

Bill is now touring the U.K. Fox News has this article on the refusal of certain and famous U.K. atheists to debate Bill.

Bill is a great debater. Not only does he understand persuasion and debate, he has a brilliant mind, two outrageous doctoral degrees (one with John Hick, the other with Wolfhart Pannenberg), and a huge cross-disciplinary understanding. Some who think Bill is only about his debating style seerely misunderstand him.

Bill has already debated some of the world's most scholarly atheists. By personality he not only has no fear of debating others, he positively relishes the challenge.

On Bill's U.K. tour he will debate Oxford atheist philosopher Peter Millican and Oxford chemist and atheist Peter Atkins. Richard Dawkins continues to refuse to debate Bill.