Monday, December 06, 2010

The Highly Educated Value Marriage More and Stay Married Longer

La Jolla

There's an interesting piece at on marriage in America -"More education means more faith in marriage, new report says."
  • Highly educated Americans are embracing a "pro-marriage mindset."
  • Among the poor marriage is "fragile and weak." Surely poverty stresses marriage and family. A solution to help strengthen marriages would seem to include helping marital couples find jobs and have enough to live on.
  • " The findings show moderately educated women, or those with a high school diploma and some post-secondary education but no four-year degree, are choosing the single life more often these days, especially when it comes to becoming a mother."
  • Highly educated women also are getting married more and staying in those relationships longer, according to the report, which suggests this is a "striking reversal of historic trends." The report cites an adherence to a "marriage mindset," which means religious attendance and faith in marriage is now a way of life for the highly educated." Religious attendance and faith in marriage is a "way of life" for the highly educated? Wow - let's follow this one!
  • "Marriage plays a key role in securing the welfare of children," said Wilcox, who added that studies show "children are much more likely to thrive if they are raised in a married home with their own mother and father."" Thank you for this one. We've suspected it all along. See, among others, Judith Wallenstein's classic study.
  •  Finally, note this:"The causes of the "observed retreat from marriage in Middle America" and shifts in marriage attitudes are: "increases in unemployment and declines in religious attendance," among others.