Friday, July 27, 2012

The God-Encounter Is Not Delimited by Space and Time

Wilberforce, Ohio

Linda and I are staying a few extra days in the Dayton area. Today we're going to Columbus to explore the city and see the campus of Ohio State University. We love visiting college campuses. We've never seen OSU before, and are looking forward to it.

My Spiritual Formation class at Payne Seminary is over, at least the in-class instruction. What a beautiful group of students I had. And, God did great, even revolutionary things in our midst. Thank you God for this! And, thanks to my new friends for engaging in my class and for being so passionate and focused about abiding in Christ.

This morning I'm living in the afterglow of this week's God-encounter. I am stopping to thank God, for he has done great things.

And, I'm thanking God that such great things are not delimited by space and time. God is not only the God of yesterday; God is the God of today, of now.

This is so important to grasp. What is needed, and what is available, is the Now-Activity of the Living God. Temporally, THIS is the day the Lord has made; TODAY is the day of salvation. TODAY, not yesterday, is Preparation Day. Now prepare the way of the Lord. Now, in this moment, and in every moment, the Lord prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. And God's table-presence overflows onto our enemies, gathering them up in the great Redemptive Movement of God.

I needed God yesterday. But yesterday will not suffice, for I need God now, just as I needed oxygen yesterday but need it now to live. "This is the air I breathe..., Your holy presence, living in me." It's all there for the taking hold of... now.