Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prayer & Fasting Class - This Tuesday Evening at Redeemer

Hello Prayer and Fasting Friends:

Here are some things I want to share with you.

1. We meet in Redeemer's sanctuary this Tuesday, July 17, 7-9 PM.
2. I'm going to begin by:
  • Giving a short review on biblical fasting.
  • Doing a Q&A. If you have questions, please ask them Tuesday night.
  • ONLINE STUDENTS: If you have any questions on this experience, or if you have anything you would like ton share with us, please e-mail me and share them. I wilol share them on Tues. night.
3. Then, Josh Bentley will give a teaching on: The Role of Fasting in The Moves of God
Throughout history prayer and fasting have been precursors to several major moves of God. From the early Church Father's to the present day, many of the most respected men and women in Christianity have fasted regularly. We will look at the types of fasting they did along with the results they felt came from personal and corporate fasts.

I look forward to being with you Tuesday. I hope this evening will contribute to what God is now doing in your life before Him, and in us as a communtiy.