Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lael Arrington & Rick Davis's Excellent Website

(Sidewalk at Michigan State University)

Thanks to Rick Davis and Lael Arrington for their radio talk show The Things That Matter Most. They have compiled a feast of audio interviews, to include things like:

What Spiritual Knowledge Can Do for You - Dallas Willard

The Lost Gnostic Gospel of Judas - Bart Ehrman and Darrell Bock

Beyond Death: Evidence for Immortality - Gary Habermas

Understanding the Muslim Next Door - Sumbul Ali-Karamali

Pastor Turned Atheist Talks to Atheist Turned Pastor - Dave Schmelzer and John Loftus

A Dispassionate and Respectful Discussion about Evolution’s “Flaws" - Paul Nelson and Karl Giberson

Darwin Day: Can You Believe in Evolution and Still be A Christian? - Karl Giberson and Paul Nelson

What is Evil (or Good) and Where Does It Come From? Part I - Michael Shermer and Ben Wiker

What is Evil (or Good) and Where Does It Come From? Part II - Michael Shermer and Ben Wiker

Author of On Bullshit discusses new book, On Truth - Harry Frankfurt

What Does it Take to Believe in God? - Bill Craig

"God the Failed Hypothesis" Part 2 - Victor Stenger and Hugh Ross

How Can We Know What Is True? - J.P. Moreland

Lead Guitarist from Nu-metal band KORN Finds Jesus - Brian "Head" Welch

VeggieTales Creator Offers Evidence for the Reality of God - Phil Vischer

...and A LOT MORE (Deepak Chopra, Sam Harris, Os Guinness, Ravi Zacharias, Paul Maier, A.J. Jacobs, Alister McGrath, Michael Behe, Erwin McManus, John Eldredge, Francis Collins, and so on...).