Monday, July 06, 2009

Come Study With Me for 9 Months

Come study for 9 months with me from September 13 - June 6. We have a Ministry School that I’d like you to consider being a part of. Here are some reasons why.

Redeemer Minisry School will be unique in its combination of both the heart and the mind. God is bringing together the experiential and the academic.
The core of our training is about The Kingdom of God, as lived and taught by Jesus. The academic component will be complemented by a focus on experiencing God and demonstrating the power and life of the Kingdom of God in the real world.

In this sense I believe in the total gospel of the Real Jesus, to include the two ways Jesus brought in the kingdom, which are: 1) Proclamation of the good news; and 2) demonstration of the power of God.

We have assembled a great team of leaders and teachers that will give you a lot of things you could not get in other ministry environments. These leaders will introduce you to:
- Whole-being worship as a lifestyle
- Worship & Creativity
- Leadership as influence through community building
- Counseling that changes the human heart
- Spiritual transformation, renovation, and renewal
- How to study, interpret, teach, and preach the Scriptures
- Physical and emotional healing of the person
- The nature of spiritual battle, and deliverance from the demonic
- Apologetics – defending our belief in God & Jesus

You will be in our church’s culture for 10 months and be a part of the amazing things God is doing in our own ministry environment. Which is cool for me, since God has given us an amazing church family.

Here at Redeemer we are very excited about RMS. Why not pray about taking 10 months of your life and learning about God and Jesus in the most intensive way ever? And, we’ll develop community along the way, plus have a lot of fun. If you’d like to talk with me personally, I’d love to hear from you!