Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Praying to an All-Loving God (Prayer Summer 2014)

Stairs, in Tipp City, Ohio

When I pray I am conferencing with an omni-being whose attributes include: omniscience (all-knowing = knows everything that can be known) and omnipotence (all-powerful = is able to do all things that can be done [meaning all logical possibilities].

It's 7:30 AM Wisconsin. I have already conferenced with this omni-being, this omniscient, omnipotent creative agent we refer to by the word 'God'.

It is important to remember just who is addressing us and to whom we are speaking. I pray to a being who knows all things that can be known (see here) and who is able to do all logical possibilities (see here). The appropriate emotions are awe, worship, thanksgiving, and love. 

This morning I have been conferencing with an omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent being. It would be terrifying if this omni-God was not all loving. But God is. 

God is (esse) all loving. The essence of God is to love. Because God's essence is love God cannot not-love. I love this because God cannot, essentially and in principle, despise me. Others may hate me, but God cannot. I may at times hate myself, but God does not.

All God's actions towards me are love. I have 3500 pages of journal entries attesting to the love of God in my life, which is but one small, brief moment among billions of lives past, present, and future.

Because God is love, in his essence, the only fear I need experience is that of awe. I find it an awesome privilege to be invited by God into his earth-shattering presence. Thank God that he is love or I would be destroyed!

God IS love. The idea of God as a Trinity of persons-in-relationship makes conceptual sense of this. Love is relationship. Love requires an "other." God is a 3-Personed Being of otherness in essential metaphysical unitive relationship. When I pray I am invited into this everlasting love dance (see John 14-15). 

When you pray today it's far bigger and greater than we could even begin to imagine.