Friday, June 06, 2014

How NOT to Share the Love of Christ With Muslims ("Hate" Is Not the Greatest Thing)

Next Thursday, June 12, I'm taking a number of my Redeemer Ministry School students to be hosted at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn. This is part of my World Religions and Christianity class.

This will be my 6th visit there. One of the Muslim leaders at ICA is a friend of mine.

Do we disagree on who Jesus is? Yes. Read the Qur'an and the Gospels side by side and you'll see we are at polar opposites. For Islam Jesus is a prophet and not God the Son. For Muslims Jesus did not die on a cross. But he did. So I am certain Muslims are wrong about this. The cross of Christ is the beating heart of all I believe.

My Muslim leader-friend and I can dialogue about this. So far we have not convinced each other. Jesus-followers are to love others, even our enemies, and my Muslim friend is definitely not my enemy in the sense of overtly coming against me. So I can love him, even if I disagree. I can be Christlike to him, and pray for him, which I have.

What is not of Jesus is what is going to happen at the ICA two days after we get there. On June 14, this is going to supposedly happen: Terry Jones, Quran-Burning Pastor, Plans 'Dearborn Freedom Rally' In Front Of Mosque. (See also here, and here.)
How sad. This is not actual Christianity. Qur'an-burning is the Islamic equivalent of Christ-crucifying. If we want to share the Real Jesus with those that do not know him the way to do it is the way of love. I'm talking with my Muslim friend and praying for him. Love is the greatest thing, not hate, right? (1 Corinthians 13)