Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prayer As Interfacing with God (Prayer Summer 2014)

Praying, on a Sunday morning at Redeemer)

N.T. Wright writes:

"We are people who live at the interface between God’s world and the life of this present world. We are people who belong in that uncomfortable borderland. We are called to stay at this post even when we have no idea what’s actually going on." (Wright, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, Kindle Locations 4725-4727)

To "stay at this post," for Wright, is to be a praying person. Prayer is the act of interfacing this world and the kingdom of God. Praying is one of the things Jesus-followers do at the place where heaven and earth intersect.

In the act of conversational prayer we confer with God about what we (you and God) are doing together. This viewpoint radically changes a traditional view of prayer as only "petition," or "asking." Instead of sending prayer requests up to heaven, heaven meets with earth, in the place and act of praying. Prayer includes asking, but it is more than that. Prayer is interacting.

The moment of prayer is when the rule of God (aka the "kingdom of God") invades this present darkness. Today, as you pray, view yourself as interfacing with the Maker of heaven and earth.