Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love Is the Environment Where Prayer Flourishes (Prayer Summer 2014)

Memorial Gardens at Michigan State University
The Jesus-follower who confesses "I don't have time to pray" may be treating prayer as a duty or command, whereas at its heart it is neither of these. Praying is what comes naturally when a person is in love with God. Authentic prayer is heartfelt, relational activity.

For example, Linda and I took a road trip to Lansing, Michigan this Sunday. We stayed over night, spent time together yesterday walking around the campus of Michigan State University, and talked a lot with one another. We were not talking with each other because we "had" to do this. We love each other, we love being together.

Love is the environment, the atmosphere, where communication flourishes. Where there is love, talking and listening follow. Those who love God interact with God. It's not hard to find time to communicate with someone whose presence we desire.

Cultivate and invest in your first love. A life of praying will follow.