Monday, June 23, 2014

Praying Is Superior to Prayer (Prayer Summer 2014)

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You won’t learn anything from a book on praying if you don’t spend time praying, and praying in a certain way. In the same way you won’t learn much about swimming if you only read books on swimming and never jump into the pool. 
Praying is superior to prayer as eating is superior to food. Uneaten food is a wasted, as is prayer-theorizing without pray-ing (note the continuous tense). The person is says "I believe in prayer but don't have time to pray" is delusory. And dishonest in the sense that true belief always leads to activity.
First I pray. I have a prayer life. After that is when I have found certain authors and books helpful. Jesus-followers who have an actual prayer life and then write about it supplement my growing understanding of the God-relationship.
The good news today is that much God-understanding awaits the one who prays.