Saturday, June 07, 2014

Prayer - An Analogy from Marriage (Prayer Summer)

The wedding of Linda's nephew Graham and his bride Hillary (May 26, 2013)

Every marital couple Linda and I have the privilege of counseling hear this relationship-basic command: As wife and husband you must spend much time talking together positively.

Most marital couples began this way. Sadly, along the way many stopped communicating. Or, what communication they have is negative. This is bad news for the relationship.A marriage without regular positive conversation is a dying thing.

In the same way, a non-praying church is a dead thing. It is bad news for God's kingdom when the Bride of Christ doesn't have time to talk with the Groom. Most Jesus-followers began with God conversationally. Along the way busyness and accumulating stuff grew like weeds that choked off the dialogue.

Followers of Jesus - hear this relationship-basic command: As Christ's Bride you must spend time talking with Him. This is not a suggestion. It's a law of relationship. To keep the car running you must change the oil. To keep the cell phone texting you must charge the battery. To keep the body functioning you must drink and eat. To keep the marriage strong you must have much positive communication. To understand what God is doing, of His great love for you, and His unfailing plans and purposes for you, you must pray.

If a marriage is weak, then spend 30 minutes a day communicating positively. Maintain this.

If the Church is weak, then spend 30 minutes a day talking together with God. Maintain this.

If my people... humble themselves... and pray.

I'm challenging you to join me and others this summer in praying 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 1-on-1 alone with God.

Perhaps you already do this, or more. Great!

Maybe this is your time to become a praying person, for the rest of your life.

Send me an e-mail and I'll keep you in the prayer loop with others from June through August.

It's time to pray.

(Note: I'm kicking off Prayer Summer 2014 at Olivet Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan, tomorrow night (6/8/14), 6 PM. See here for details.