Friday, December 06, 2013

Pray for Self-Clarity (PrayerLife)

Monroe County
One of the most influential teachers of preaching in the late 20th century was Haddon Robinson. Many of us were schooled through his wise writings. I just read that Robinson began almost every sermon with this brief confession: "God, if people knew about me what you know about me, they wouldn't listen to a word I said." (In Philip Yancey, Prayer, K540)

This is one of the reasons I paid attention to what he had to say. Haddon Robinson was a thoroughly searched-out person. 

Philip Yancey writes: "I cannot receive healing unless I accept God's diagnosis of my wounded state. God already knows who we are; we are the ones who must find a way to come to terms with our true selves." (Prayer, K548)

In Psalm 139 we read: "Search me, O God. See if there is any offensive way in me." Yancey writes: "In order to overcome self-deception, I need God's all-knowing help in rooting out hidden offenses like selfishness, pride, deceit, lack of compassion." (Ib.)

How much I need a constant searching-out, by God! Thank God that his eyes are healing and loving and non-condemning. Thank God that his hands are healing. If you only knew... 

Pray for self-clarity today.