Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Testament Greek Classes at Redeemer

Rev. E. Paul Albrecht, Pastor of The Journey Church in Westfield, IN, has been collaborating with Redeemer on a new format for teaching his seminary course, "Introduction to New Testament Greek."  This is a 15 Lesson study that will present students with all the grammatical pieces they need to read the New Testament in the original Greek. During the lessons, we will also work through portions of 1 John and the Gospel of John. 

The majority of the 15 lessons are being recorded to DVD and our first meeting will be at Redeemer on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 @ 10am where we will begin Lesson 1. After the lesson, we will consult with Paul via phone or Skype, ask questions, receive our assignment, and schedule the next lesson (probably bi-weekly).  Pastor Paul plans to be with us every 6-8 weeks for a weekend of review, on-going teaching, and translation work in the New Testament. 

The class should finish by the early summer.

Two texts are required:
1. The Greek New Testament with Revised Concise Greek-English Dictionary 4th Edition Edited by Barbara & Kurt Aland (these can be found online for about $35)
2. Paul's textbook ($35 purchased through Redeemer)
Additional costs:
1. Class fee estimated @ $30-50 (for the DVD recording costs)
2. $200 honorarium (Tax-deductible gift to The Journey Church) which can be made in $50 installments over the first 4 months.