Thursday, September 29, 2011

Philip Mantofa at Redeemer

We've just finished a wonderful three nights with Indonesian pastor Philip Mantofa. I love Philip's heart, and his passion for Jesus. I do think God has given Philip a voice to speak to the too-busy-to-pray American church.

I have taught and spoken in a number of Asian Jesus-contexts. Asian leaders, if they have not yet succumbed to Western materialism, actually pray. For long, extended periods of time. Philip challenged all of us to do just that. Philip's messages will soon be on iTunes. Go there, and search for "Redeemer Fellowship." If you have trouble send me an e-mail. ( Philip especially wants you to listen to his first message (9/26/11).

I also got to play a little basketball with Philip. He is very aggressive on the court. We need to pray for Philip to show mercy, since on the b-ball court he showed none. But I was on Philip's team, so I supported this. :)

Philip Mantofa, swaggering after scoring yet another basket.

Holly Benner gave a 3-hour seminar on worship yesterday morning. I heard many comments of how great it was, and what an excellent teacher Holly is!