Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wanted: The Perfect Pastor

Me and Linda, enjoying life more than we should

Many years ago, on a Wednesday afternoon, I was food shopping in the local Meijer store. Someone from our church family saw me. When I got home I found they had called one of our church leaders and "reported" me. "I saw John shopping today, on a Wednesday afternoon. He should have been in his office working!"

Sadly, this is not atypical.

I thought of this sad story today while reading some Michael Brown (devotionally - so please don't report me!). 

After three inspiring days with Michael this summer, I am now feasting on revivalist literature, some of which is written by Brown.

Here's a Brown quote, from Revolution in the Church: Challenging the Religious System with a Call for radical Change. (This is not my situation. I thank God all the time for my church family! But I talk with a lot of pastors who, sadly, can relate to this.)

"Most pastors are grossly underpaid for the hours they put in, often facing retirement, weary and worn out, with very little in the way of benefits, housing or pension. This satirical want ad by one church says it all: 

Wanted: the perfect pastor. 
Approximately 28 years old, 
with 30 years’ preaching experience. 
Must have a heart for the youth, 
work well with the elderly, 
participate in church sports, 
visit every hospitalized member. 
Need top-flight negotiating skills, 
good singing voice, 
and expertise in repair of office equipment, 
church van, 
and fellowship hall plumbing. 
Office hours 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. 
Salary $100 per week. 
Will preferably tithe $50 per week, 
wear fashionable suits, 
have a large library. 
Must participate in evangelism outreaches, 
make 30 calls per day on church members, 
always be in the office when parishioners phone. 
Walking on water a plus.

(Brown, Kindle Locations 1894-1897)