Tuesday, August 28, 2018


One of our church's youth wrote this, in chalk, before the main entrance to our church builing

Yesterday (8/27) I posted this on my Facebook page:

"TO MY PASTORAL COLLEAGUES: Want to partner with me in making this a season of preaching revival & awakening in the Church? I am putting together an e-packet of resources I am drawing on, plus how I feel God is leading me to do this in my church family. It will be available by this week's end. (johnpiippo@msn.com)"

As of now, thirteen pastors have contacted me saying they want to join me in praying and leading our churches to pray for Revival and Awakening in the Church in America.

These pastors are from: Pennsylvania, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and New York.

I am putting together - in an e-package - how God has led and is leading me to do this. plus, I am resourcing them.

These pastors have expressed their enthusiasm for this!

IF GOD LEADS YOU TO JOIN ME please send me an email. johnpiippo@msn.com

Keep praying,