Saturday, August 18, 2018

5 Things the Church Must Do to Reverse Declining Christianity in America

Mike Luckovich  Copyright 2015 Creators Syndicate

(I'm re-posting this for a friend.)

Here are 5 Things the Church Must Do to reverse declining Christianity in America.

1. Preach the Biblical Text.

Forget about trying to make people happy, or relaxed, or comfortable. (See here, e.g.)

2. Tap into Power.

Major in two biblical words: dunamis (power) and exousia (authority). Culture these. (Like this.)

3. Lead people into The Presence of God.

Think like Moses here: "Unless Your presence goes with us, we're not moving." (See here.)

4.  Teach Apologetics as Spiritual Warfare. Help people know why they believe what they believe. Watch, e.g., this

5. Form Community around 1-4. This is something the "nones" will never have. Community does not form around what people don't believe in. See this, e.g. And read this. No one in history has formed community better than Christianity has.

I write about these things in Leading the Presence-Driven Church

Leading the Presence-Driven Church by [Piippo, John]