Friday, August 10, 2018

NOTE TO MY CHURCH FAMILY - Prepping for This Sunday Morning

Dear Redeemer Family:

I'm in our upstairs office at home, praying and preparing and putting together what I am going to share with you on Sunday morning.

God has told me He is going to do something great this Sunday. And why not, right?

I am calling you to pray and prepare your hearts for Sunday.

Here is the Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14-16:


DECLARATIONS - Spiritual Hunger and Revival
● Our church is blessed when we stay hungry and thirsty for righteousness and the presence of God. (Matthew 5:6)
● Our church has great spiritual hunger and tenacity which brings great rewards. (Galatians 6:9)
● Our church is always thirsty for more.
● Our appetite for God increases every day.
● We live a life of great spiritual hunger.
● We live a life of radical faith.
● We will increasingly experience every aspect of the salvation that Jesus won for us.
● Our spiritual hunger and personal revival bring breakthrough to everyone around us.
● The Church is triumphant. (Matthew 16:18)
● Our church is known as a revival church, full of power and Christ-likeness.
● Our church walks in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
● Our church opens doors for radical revival movements that invite the nations to be touched by God.
● Our church walks in sustained revival.
● I’m not waiting for a move of God. I am a move of God.