Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prayer and the Descending Fire (Prayer Summer)

Redeemer sanctuary


I'm suggesting that you use Psalm 23 this week during your 30-60 minute times of praying. I'm doing this all week with the 26 seminary students at Payne Theological Seminary

Yesterday I received this e-mail from one of our Prayer Summer friends - Gloria, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She writes:

Hi John and Linda,

I am praying for your time in Wilberforce,
and I know that you are likely busier than
usual, but I wanted to share a couple of 
things with you.

The other day you mentioned that "this one
thing" for you was prayer.  I remembered that
God and I had talked about "this one thing"
a a while back.  I checked and sure enough
on 7/13 God said...

Only I can see the whole of things at 
one time. Man looks on many things. Few
study....center in on me.

I said, So we must find the "this one

Yes, he said, what is your one thing?

I hope it is you, Lord

What is your one thing to do for me?
he asked.
Write, I said. Speak. I suppose that one
thing would be words.

Then God said, Of all the things that my
Apostle Paul did, his words were the most
So I said, Then set fire to my words, Lord.
As the psalmist said, "I lay out the pieces
(words) of my life on your altar and watch 
for fire to descend." Ps. 5:3  (Message).

In early July, I decided to read a Psalm each day 
and pull out one or two verses to write down. So
tomorrow I will be on Palms 23.  How neat is that?
I will do as you say and spend the whole week with
this precious psalm which I always say each morning 
before I begin my day.

I hope that you two will have a precious time together
while you are away from the everyday things of life.

Love today.  Gloria